When you think of getting married what do you picture as the best wedding car hire Kenya services? Walking down the aisle on a hot day while the sun beams through the church window panes? Or how about a rustic wedding in a countryside barn in the cold, surrounded by nature?

Our fleet of cars for wedding services is better than ever! We regularly maintain our prestige wedding cars to provide the ultimate experience for our customers.

Prestige car hire Kenya are well known for going above and beyond what is required for a simple car hire. When getting married you are bombarded with ideas, as your imagination runs wild but often it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you want. Prestige car hire Kenya is a company that consists of a team of professionals who know all the ins and outs of a wedding. The wedding services team deal with the same people with your exact queries and questions every day hence they know exactly what type of car you will require for a specific scene of celebration.

Wedding is a very special day in any one’s life. Everyone waits for it anxiously and when it is finally around the corner then everything should be perfect and pre-planned to make this special and memorable. There are a lot of minor details that should be properly managed but the more important thing is transportation at your wedding day.

Wedding day transportation is more than just a way to get from one place to the other; it’s an opportunity to make a statement. One very important decision is the selection of your wedding car and it should be matched and enhances your wedding style. Prestige car hire Kenya remains to be the top company providing transport wedding services in Nairobi. The top-ranking of the company comes through good reputation for making things perfect and hassle-free in regards to transport on your wedding day.