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We offer chauffeured car hire Nairobi services with a huge variety of cars to select from in Nairobi County. Search, book and pay online in minutes which is a true indication of how our services are fast. Did you know that Nairobi County is one of the smallest and yet the most populous of the counties? It is coterminous with the city of Nairobi, which is also the capital and largest city of Kenya.

The Current Nairobi, the majority of travellers are opting to rent a car for self-drive in comparison to using the services of an experienced company chauffeur. There exist many benefits from self-driven cars which include freedom and flexibility but nothing beats the comfort and assurance you get when you are travelling with your personal driver. Sometimes it can be a little expensive but safety and convenience surpasses the price rift. When travelling to a remote destination like national park or planning for a special occasion like wedding, it’s always advisable to get the best driver and that’s you need to consider these important factors before booking our services at Prestige car hire Nairobi.

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